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Sunday, May 24, 2015

: A New Vintage Door and a Story

camper door exteriorSome time back in 2014, I had begun taking my dad every month for his errands; to the bank, and paying his bills, etc.

On one of our trips – we had passed by a house with a camper in the back yard… it had been heavily damaged. I filed it away in the back of my mind and thought I’d go back with my husband to inquire about it.

The next month. Gone. It was disappointing.

On the way back … the day that I first noticed it was gone.  I did see the door and some windows stacked neatly against a fence on the property.

That was a year ago!

Fast-Forward to this weekend, Memorial Day weekend, 2015—we finally had some cash on hand and a truck. We drove out in the rain—having not been by there in a while, not even sure it was still there.

But it was!

I was thrilled.  We pulled up and honked (they had a gate) no one came to the door. It was raining… but not too bad, just a sprinkle. For a while we discussed opening the gate and going to the door.

Hmmm… this is Texas, in the country… and opening another man’s gate to walk up to his house… well, that’s pretty much TRESPASSING here.  The Honey said he would go to the door.

I stayed in the truck …er, get away car!  With cell-phone in hand.

He spoke to the man, who said, “SURE! come on around and have a look at it!” So we did,  we waded through the soggy wet grass, in the rain around back to have a look and offered him cash. He said he’d give it to us… but we thought we should pay him something!

I gave a price and he came back lower … ?!?!  I thought I was the only person to do that! We met in the middle … and paid him $60!

Not too bad for a vintage trailer door, complete with screen door and frosted window glass! camper door with screen

It needs a little bit of work; some trim, door handle, screen door handle… new screen… overall TLC. Paint.

It has going for it: 

  • Glass- intact and whole
  • Screen Door – frame complete
  • Metal Sheeting- No Rips or Tears in the metal
  • Hinge- Complete
  • Wood frame- solid

Right now, the grass is growing, the ground is saturated, we can’t move the trailer to work on it and getting to it is difficult. But, I can’t wait to get in there get this door on it.

We bought this camper 4 years ago…and we work on it off and on… it is definitely a project. I can’t wait to one day go camping and have some fun with it. One thing for sure. We have had some fun with already… and we have some fun stories about putting it all back together! 

We got a door, which is hard to come by, if you’re not familiar with VINTAGE TRAILER PARTS AND CRAIG’S LIST, all because we stopped and inquired.

We laughed about it going home, the rain, the uncertainty, the trespassing… the memories are already being made!

That’s how we got our door!

‘Til next time,
Grace and Peace

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