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We bought our Camper/Trailer on Saturday, April 2, 2011

It’s been slow going…but now 4 years later, I’m happy to say we are in FULL BLOWN REBUILD MODE!

Won’t you come along and see how we do it.

I hope more than anything…we get to camp soon!

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Monday, October 12, 2015

Built a Rock Guard




Not much going on with the camper on the outside lately.  Most of the work has been inside. However, we did construct a rock guard for the front window, with recycled aluminum. It’s not fancy and it’s very light weight. So far, we haven’t had a need until today to open it up.  We propped it up today with a piece of PVC. 

We’re looking for new material for the bottom portion on the front.  Haven’t found any yet that is the right size.  Ours is pretty dinged-up there on the front.

The outside is yet to be painted. Though we did seal the roof over the summer and gave it a good scrubbingThat was a drastic improvement!

Sorry, I don’t have pictures of the actual build for this rock guard. I might be able to come up with some written instructions, but without photos—it might be kind of pointless. 

Anyway, I just wanted to show it.

We’ve just about gotten all the trim up inside and we have the carpet cut and laid down. I’ll try and get a post for the inside work soon.  So please check back!

Grace and Peace~

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Repairing our Mistakes- Possible I.D. on the Lil Camper


Early on,we searched for an ID for our camper. The Make and Model tag, model number or any identification marks were no where to be found.  I was a little disappointed. Then we began rebuilding.

The Honey put some framing pieces in thinking we’d just build around them and we’d never see them.  I went along with the idea because I’ve NEVER done this before, so what did I know?  cool, we’ll just build around it. Four years later… this bed area is built and paneling is up and this IS A PROBLEM!


As you can plainly see, we DID NOT build around that 1x3.  I have the original screen frames that will go on all the windows on the inside…except this window. I just didn’t like it and wasn’t happy with it.  Yes, I’m that kind of woman. The kind that goes along with your ideas, but in the end… makes you change it because I really didn’t like it in the first place. I’m not proud of it. It’s just who I am. 

It did help my case when we noticed a little leak. {she grins}


Out comes the window. Only to discover, there was also some ROT that was missed 4 years ago. Apparently, the leak has been there for quite some time. We had to rebuild the whole entire back wall from just below the cabinet that stretches across the back all the way down  to the bumper.

lil camper that could

In the process though… {excitement builds!}  We found these original manufacturer markings on the underside of the skin! 

lil camper that could

lil camper that could

I’ve done a little bit of research and I’m wondering is this the answer we’ve been searching for all along?  It our camper MAKE an OKANAGAN? 

I’m curious.  If you have anything to offer regarding our lil camper , please leave me an comment tell me what you know about my camper…possibly my OKIE!

* click here for other details and Identifying marks from our camper

In the end, I guess it’s a good thing I wasn’t please with that 1 x 3 sticking out there. Hopefully now, I’ll be able to use the original frame when I put the new screens up in there.

Grace and Peace in your travels!

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Tweaking the Closet with Panel Box and Trims--


We have been in limbo with this side of the camper. 


The biggest part of what you are seeing here will be seen from the door… well, maybe half. The other half, the breaker box will not bee seen. It will be enclosed within the closet.

Currently, Well it was a hot mess!

Previously,we pieced in small pieces mainly to hold the insulation up while we worked inside. Our thoughts were we’d come back and do a trimmed out board and batten look to this section.  It is also where the potty sits.

We still needed to work on the wiring before completion. The more we looked at it, the more we said, “Lets work on it next weekend.” 

‘Next weekend’ was this weekend. We took all that small paneling out of there! It’s gone! Then we replaced it with a much larger, whole piece; and went back with some trim over the seams.  It cleaned up nicely!


We also had to move the closet we were building. It houses the refrigerator and hopefully, the a/c when it’s all completed. Where did we move it you ask?  Just 4 inches to the right.  That outlet plug needs to be INSIDE THE CLOSET and not inside the potty area.

We added a door to the front, bottom section; the wheel well is under there and it will be extra storage. The left side of the closet was also closed in.


Now that is done, we can build the shelf for the A/C with a drain and a pan it needs to be vented outside via the vent you see in the top there (there is a vent behind the fridge,too). Also, this cabinet will be insulated. The compressors for both these units will throw off hot air; there’s no point in trying to cool hot air. Once it’s complete it will be a closed off unit.

I’ll be back to show you the bed/deck and carpeting we purchased to cover the floor and the deck for the mattress. This carpet is made from recycled water bottles. It will look great installed!

Grace and Peace!

Saturday, August 8, 2015

Re-Building with some Salvaged Materials

Last week… we worked on the bed-frame…and the kitchen.  This little hutch is built from salvaged materials. 
lil camper that could
The Lil’ Camper that Could has been donated lots of salvage perfect for this project!
Doors:  from my daughter house they re-did their kitchen 3 years ago before moving into their house.
Spindles: I  curb-shopped a demi-lune table a couple of years back.  The table has met it’s purposed and is now part of the camper!#lil camper that could
Wall Panels:  paneling from the daughter’s home, flipped to the wrong side. (to be painted)
More panels:  Some of them weren’t salvageable as a whole… so we have been ripping them down to 2 inch strips for trim! (seen above/below along the seams)
We built an open shelf along the front. Also, installed new plugs and a breaker box… pictured below. 
The white vinyl panels are what we did NOT tear out. My plan is to cover the ceiling in a new vinyl contact paper that is decorative. But first, I washed these down last week… they were pretty grimy!  **See below for the before… very grimy!!! I will cover this after the painting is done.

We are still searching for DATE/ MAKE / MODEL of our Lil’Camper… I was told to check the breaker box.  We did…only found the serial number for the breaker box. Anyway… we were shopping for new breakers and a very knowledgeable older gentlemanly sales clerk told us that our breakers are an after market part now.  …AND VERY PRICEY.  $45!!! hold the phone! 
** an interesting note though, he shared that the breaker and the box that we have was from a company that closed in the early 70's (like 1970 or 1971) That means, my camper is probably a '60s model!   So...we're getting closer! 

Back to the breaker box-- 

We replaced it with a new box, breakers and a couple of new plugs for less than $45 Now… getting hubby’s brother to come wire it… or double check our wiring.
This patchwork wall… is going to be replaced with a solid piece from this pile…
crate wood!  My brother dropped off this load yesterday; and it will be perfect for some of the rebuild that is still left to do!
I’m using lots of salvaged and repurposed materials that are FREE-DOLLARS; however, I have been shopping.
Mostly inside pretties… chocolate, turquoise, some tangerine… It’s going to be pretty!
I can’t wait to start installation on that part!
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Thanks for coming along…
Grace and Peace.

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Wash Day Assessment of the Skin and a Door knob!

Monday evening after the Littles all went home… Honey and I went outside to wash the camper down.
 lil camper that could
We’re not yet close enough to get it painted. But since getting the top sealed…we haven’t washed it.  We’ve had a few smaller showers right after sealing it; and checked for leaks then.
We’ve got no leaks! BIG EMPHATIC YEAH!!!!
The front panel under the windows will hopefully be replaced this next weekend. He is going this week with his brother to get the sheet metal to replace it. It’s the worse panel on the entire camper.
Dented, torn, past the point of repairs and no amount of LIPSTICK will make it look any better.
 lil camper that could
After washing—and getting the dirt and moss, yes! moss had started growing on it before we started the installation of work… anway, with all the debris washed away, we’re able to see the paint a little better.
lil camper that could
It looks as if we may be able to remove the worst of it with a POWER WASHER.  The paint is very dry and scaly. A lot of it came off with our brass nozzle. I think if we use a pressure sprayer—paint removal should go pretty easily.
 lil camper that could
This past weekend, we hit a few yard sales in our area, and found a small, door knob, still new and in the box. It doesn’t protrude like the average household door knobs. The keys were included.  Sorry, it’s a little blurry, but you get the idea! Brushed Nickle…

Entry lock

** edited to say: I grabbed this from the garbage and snapped a picture. Apparently, NOT brushed nickle; instead it's Stainless Steel Finish. I bought it at a yard sale... but it came from Dollar General. It is the perfect size. 

I like it!  It will look so much better after the whole thing is painted.
Little baby steps. 
It’s coming along!
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Grace and Peace!

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

A Name Change-

In case you came here and are questioning the title of the blog…and wonder if you’ve landed in the right place. This was FORMERLY : Corn in my Coffee-Can.

I was never settled on a name for this blog about all things CAMPER…namely my own little camper and having another blog already, I kept the names closely related. 

I’ve had experience changing blog URL and Blog name changes in the past… I don’t think, a change to this blog will hurt too badly as it’s not that well established yet. 

Besides… this cute little BLOG NAME WAS AVAILABLE

So I jumped on it!  

We have been long on getting to work on the camper… 4 years! It’s finally starting to come together.   I am still hopeful to get to camp in her THIS YEAR…2015. Since it’s taken us SO LONG

…to get THIS FAR…


lil camper that could

So… what do you think?  Like the new name? 

IF you’re new here… then of course, it’s nothing new to you. But of Course… WELCOME!
WELCOME to the LIL’ CAMPER THAT COULDWe’re not rolling yet, but like the photo says…

I think I can!  (and it won’t be long now)

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Grace and Peace~

Monday, July 13, 2015

The Dinette Rebuild Part 2–Do Over


The July 4th weekend we built dinette seats.  This weekend we REBUILT THEM!

camper pics baby pics Lun birth announcement 076

I think I’ve already mentioned…WE’VE NEVER DONE THIS BEFORE!!!!

Sometimes, you just have to step back and say… DO OVER. That’s what we did with the dinette.   For the front end of the camper—there is supposed to be a dinette otherwise known as a BOOTH with a table in between the seats.  The table will drop down; and the  booth  and table becomes the whole bed. 

Sounds simple, right? 

Building it is a different story. Especially, with my very little skill (learning curve) and my Hubby with his stroke effected brain!

The seats are wider now and will accommodate seat and back cushions… and the expanse of space between them isn’t the gaping chasm is was before!

LESSON LEARNED. Winking smile 

Be sure and check back in a few days, I’ll show you the kitchen counter, upper cabinets and the funky sink in it’s place… so you can get the real vision!

Grace and Peace