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We bought our Camper/Trailer on Saturday, April 2, 2011

It’s been slow going…but now 4 (now 5) years later, I’m happy to say we are in FULL BLOWN REBUILD MODE!

Won’t you come along and see how we do it.

I hope more than anything…we get to camp soon!

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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Photo Problems???

Are you able to see the photos I place on Coffee-Can ? 

I seem to be having issues. 
Most of my photos when I click over here 
are little 
Window's icons... 

Can you see them? 
Just checking... 
I guess if you could NOT see them...then, you my faithful followers... would tell me right? 

Kind of like if I HAD DIRT ON MY FACE RIGHT? 

I could trust you with THAT couldn't I? 

Thanks for reading 
~Grace and Peace~


  1. The only picture is you with mud on your face! I just left a blog with exactly the same problem, she said her pictures were disappearing? It seems when blogger acts up we just have to walk away and come back, because it seems to fix it's self! Thank you for your kind comments, I will let you know the magazine when it gets closer....OOOHHH I am so excited


  2. My friend you can bet I'd tell you. I've been following your progress from day one and love what you've done to restore the little Tin Can. ;)


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