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We bought our Camper/Trailer on Saturday, April 2, 2011

It’s been slow going…but now 4 (now 5) years later, I’m happy to say we are in FULL BLOWN REBUILD MODE!

Won’t you come along and see how we do it.

I hope more than anything…we get to camp soon!

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Friday, May 20, 2011

The Rat Rod~

The Rat-Rod. 

 Engine compartment.

 Complete with bottle opener. 
Gotta love the Duct Tape. 
And ALL THREAD-- hood latch! 
 I had to show you the spigot knob and gate latch to keep the door closed while toolin' around. 
 Roomy Cab. 
 Modified Gas Cap: for show only (?) Not. sure. 
 The cooler. 
(modified bed) 
 Mmmm... my favorite shade of green! 
 Original Gas Tank HOLE:  Ode to John Deere! 
Check our the floor board sheet metal replacement parts--- 
 Seat Covers:  Hecho en Mexico! 

 Antenna: 'dry-clean-only'
Overflow Reservoir: Black Label
I really liked the totally REpurposed truck. 
Jazzed up and Funky... 

Grace and Peace- 
thanks for reading! 

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