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We bought our Camper/Trailer on Saturday, April 2, 2011

It’s been slow going…but now 4 (now 5) years later, I’m happy to say we are in FULL BLOWN REBUILD MODE!

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I hope more than anything…we get to camp soon!

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Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Progress on Interior- Walls


Since owning the trailer…We’ve torn out most of the paneling; and any insulation that was missing or otherwise not useful… we replaced. We are using double thickness of styro-foam sheets… cut to fit in various places along the walls and ceiling.


The paneling is salvaged materials… turned inside out?!

It will be painted. (ignore the debris on the floor below, I had to tear out more old panels at the last minute)


The roof surprisingly, only needed one panel- this piece has been installed and trimmed, with paneling trim pieces ripped to 2 inches, from spare drop off panels.  We’re using all the salvaged materials, as much as possible. Again, once its painted it will have a more cohesive look to it. (fingers-crossed)

The roofing has a vinyl coating on it—but rather than rip it out, we I am researching a covering. Because, naturally, I’d like for the ceiling to all match. I’m hoping against all hope… that I don’t have to use decorative contact paper… heaven help us!  That does NOT sound fun does it?

If you came here from Corn in My Coffee-Pot… then you may have already seen our second hand Black and Decker fridge and FUNKY FIBER GLASS SINK!

Now that I have those two items… I can begin a layout for the interior, and make sure the holes are the right sizes for those pieces!

Grace and Peace!

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