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Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Repairing our Mistakes- Possible I.D. on the Lil Camper


Early on,we searched for an ID for our camper. The Make and Model tag, model number or any identification marks were no where to be found.  I was a little disappointed. Then we began rebuilding.

The Honey put some framing pieces in thinking we’d just build around them and we’d never see them.  I went along with the idea because I’ve NEVER done this before, so what did I know?  cool, we’ll just build around it. Four years later… this bed area is built and paneling is up and this IS A PROBLEM!


As you can plainly see, we DID NOT build around that 1x3.  I have the original screen frames that will go on all the windows on the inside…except this window. I just didn’t like it and wasn’t happy with it.  Yes, I’m that kind of woman. The kind that goes along with your ideas, but in the end… makes you change it because I really didn’t like it in the first place. I’m not proud of it. It’s just who I am. 

It did help my case when we noticed a little leak. {she grins}


Out comes the window. Only to discover, there was also some ROT that was missed 4 years ago. Apparently, the leak has been there for quite some time. We had to rebuild the whole entire back wall from just below the cabinet that stretches across the back all the way down  to the bumper.

lil camper that could

In the process though… {excitement builds!}  We found these original manufacturer markings on the underside of the skin! 

lil camper that could

lil camper that could

I’ve done a little bit of research and I’m wondering is this the answer we’ve been searching for all along?  It our camper MAKE an OKANAGAN? 

I’m curious.  If you have anything to offer regarding our lil camper , please leave me an comment tell me what you know about my camper…possibly my OKIE!

* click here for other details and Identifying marks from our camper

In the end, I guess it’s a good thing I wasn’t please with that 1 x 3 sticking out there. Hopefully now, I’ll be able to use the original frame when I put the new screens up in there.

Grace and Peace in your travels!

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  1. Goodness sakes, what a ton of work, this lil camper was almost a tear down lol! Hope you find the secrets of your campers identity



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