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Sunday, October 16, 2016

Finally! An IDENTIFICATION on the Camper-

About three weeks ago The Honey and I decided we were close enough on the make-over to put some paint on our camper.

He had power washed the entire outside prior to hitting it with a D.A. sander.

I came outside to have a look…and there was one spot I have always been curious about;  it had left a rectangular patch on the rear of the camper.  I knew there had to be a decal there at some point.

This day after he had sanded it down some, I looked up and very faintly, I could see this image.

This photo has been enhanced with filters so that the image would be more clear for you!  (you can thank me later…he he he)

decal residue

Elation and Celebration ensued! Our camper was …IS … an Okie!!!


This confirms our suspicions here

That leads us to this week… But first a recap—Sometimes you want to know information, you need to find the oldest man in the hardware store, I’m just telling ya!

Okie Camper-Trailer

  This is our original breaker box…the older gentleman at Home Depot informed us this company had gone out of business early 1970s and that parts were very expensive (aftermarket) on the internet. This information helped us to figure out that our camper was probably PRE-1970!


This is the breaker box INSIDE our trailer…before we replaced it. (bottom left corner) Sorry it’s not a better photo.

Now onto this weeks events!  This week, I made a point to stop at the local sub-courthouse in our town.  I asked about getting the title and registration… after being given the X-Y-Z in the matter.  I came home and relayed all the info to Honey.

We watched a video on You tube you can watch it here if you’re interested.

We found ours… but are told “nope, we still need a Vin Verification through the North Texas Auto Theft Vin Verification Dept”. 

I’ll let you soak that up for a sec… mean while … here is a partial of our number.

vintage trailer identification partial

See that?!  that 7 67 – OK… that is the main identifier of our camper.

It was manufactured July 1967 and we already know it’s an OKIE!


That right there… makes this girl a truly, truly, HAPPY CAMPER!


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